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Web and Email protection is non-functional all the time

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Every time I reboot my mac, the eset icon is red. When I open ESET I see the message: Web and Email protection is non-functional. Every time I need to enable the ESET Network Proxy.

I try to reinstall ESET, but that only works for a few days and then this starts all over again.

I can't collect logs because this occurs on startup.

Few details:

Macbook Pro 14 inch 2021 (M1)

MacOS 13.1 Ventura



I hope there is a fix for this because I am tired of reinstalling ESET every few days.


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ESET Network Proxy
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Could you please test if temporarily uninstalling NordVPN and installing ESET CyberSecurity from scratch make a difference?

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Every time I uninstall and install ESET again it will work for a few days. Now I have also uninstalled NordVPN before that so I will test it a few days.

Or shall I test with installing NordVPN now?

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I am not sure under what circumstances it happens, but I have found that the ESET Network Transparent Proxy in System Settings -> Network -> VPN & Filters -> Filters & Proxies has been disabled. Re-enabling clears the error.

macOS Ventura 13.2.1 (Intel chip)


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Could you please uninstall ESET CyberSecurity Pro for a while and try installing ESET CyberSecurity v7 from https://www.eset.com/int/home/cyber-security/download/ that was released yesterday? We believe that the issue should not occur with v7 so it'd be good if you could confirm.

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