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WhatsApp Windows Blocked in Interactive Mode without option to unblock.


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I have WhatsApp Windows installed from the Microsoft Store (https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/whatsapp-beta/9NBDXK71NK08?hl=en-us&gl=us). I have the firewall in interactive mode. If I open WhatsApp with the firewall on like normal, WhatsApp cannot connect to the internet. And it does not pop up any option to allow it through the firewall. If I disable the firewall and then open it, it connects nicely and even stays connected when I enable the firewall again. I am wondering how I can allow it through the firewall without always disabling it?

I enabled advanced logging but it doesn't allow me to upload the file because it's too big. How can I send that to you.

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Does it work in automatic mode? If a desired communication is blocked, you can unblock it via the Firewall troubleshooting wizard for instance. If you have no custom rules created, switched to interactive mode and the communication was blocked without an interactive window popping up, please open a support ticket for help with further troubleshooting.

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