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Mail Security for Excahnge 2013 Pre-install Questions

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We are considering using ESET Mail Security for our 2013 Exchange Server. We have these questions:


1. We currently use ESET File Security ( on 2 servers) and Antivirus (on clients). The Remote Administrator is installed on a Member Server. If we install Mail Security, do any of these products have to be uninstalled & if so, which ones, and how do we convert or otherwise deal with the current licenses ?


2. Can the Mail Security software be installed on the member server that has Remote Administrator already installed on it, or does both the RA and Mail Security HAVE to be installed on the Exchange Server itself?



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Hello sos4eset,

  1. ESET File Security must be uninstalled prior to installing ESET Mail Security. Mail Security will protect both your Exchange server and the Operating System that is running it. Think of Mail Security as ESET File Security + Exchange scanning.
  2. With regards to the licenses, Mail Security and File Security have their own unique licenses. Please contact the company you purchased through or ESET Sales for more information regarding licenses. Please contact your local ESET Partner, you can find the contact information for the ESET partner in your country on this page.
  3. Mail Security can be installed on any Exchange server node that is running a Transport Agent.
  4. Remote Administrator can be installed on any system. It is independent of any other ESET product.

Thank you,

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