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  1. Thanks - that is what I thought but see at bottom of this ESET KB about disabling self-defense first--is that necessary before uninstalling 4.x, and if so, how? https://support.eset.com/kb3632/
  2. We have some servers with outdated ESET File Security installed (version 4.x). The OSs are Server 2008 & Server 2012r2. What is the proper way to upgrade to the latest version 6.5.x for both EFSW and Mail Security for Exchange 2013? We found some ESET KB articles, however want to see what the users out there have experienced with is? Finally, one of the articles states as first step to "Disable self-defense in EFSW version 4.5 and then restart the computer" -where is the self-defense setting?
  3. Not sure what you mean by local customer care. We host our own email with exchange so our ISP is not involved. Isn't there aa way to tell ESMX not to block a domain? (not sure of sender's IP-and that could change) Thank you!
  4. We are using ESET Mail Security for Exchange 2013. It is quarantining emails from a particular domain that is safe and we want to receive all of their emails. How do we tell ESET Mail Security to stop quarantining it?
  5. Thank you! I was in wrong section (Antispam Setup parameters/custom rule). Your method was what I was looking for!
  6. Can you show specific instructions? I am trying to find exactly how to do this but cannot find specifics. Can you elaborate with step-by-step? For instance where to start--is this an "Email Client Protection" setting or a "Mail Server" protection setting?
  7. We use ESET mail security for Exchange version 4.5.10023 on Exchange 2013 SP1 (CU4). We want to upgrade to EMSX version 6.5.x(latest) however we see conflicting compatibility info. The ESET website says all of Exchange 2013 is compatible but the manual says CU4 is not. Can anyone verify if CU4 is supported with version 6.x?
  8. Using ESET Mail Security 4.5.10023 for MS Exchange 2013. In the last 24 hours several hundred messages are bypassing the spam filter withsubject: [SPAM] Undeliverable: Treat as Urgent. the From header is: From: Mail Delivery System [mailto:MAILER-DAEMON@smtp.cyber.net.pk] How can we stop these from getting through? Thank you!
  9. Hi --here are the answers: -- Not using ERA --manage product locally -- State of WAP is enabled --with blue check mark. Can toggle checkmark but makes no difference. --Reverted settings to default prior to 6.2 repair and 6.3 upgrade. No difference --Result of query - State=4=Running --Ran Log collector --attached collector_log.txt
  10. Using ESET Endpoint version 6.2.x - all of a sudden the Anti-phishing protection had a red notification that is was non-functional and it showed the attached screen fro the Web/email tab. I cannot get the Web access protection to enable . I have tried a repair on this version 6.2 and upgrading to 6.3 and it did not help. I did not use the installer with AV remover when I upgraded to 6.3. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  11. Any progress? We also use ver 4.5 and our influx started in mid-September after it was previously ok. We only use the default settings since installation.
  12. I sent you a message but was unable to attach the .msg files - should I try to attach them here?
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