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ESET File Security Exclusions

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We are trying to add the correct Exclusions to the ESET File Security Clients by creating Central policies in the Remote Administrator.
Auto Exclusions seem to work, also they differ from one server to another depending which product is installed. (DC, Member Server, SQL Server)

Now we have some custom exclsusions we want to add, but they are never added to the exclusion lists locally to the client.


1. Why are custom exclusions not added to the exclusion list? Disabling the Auto-exclusion lists has no effect either.

2. Are the Auto-exclusion list and Custom-exclusion list not cumulative?

3. Is there a way to edit the default Auto-exclusion lists?

4. Is there a way to create new Custom Auto-exclusion lists?


Thanks in advance,


Bas Janssen

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1, Hard to say, it should work. This will need to be troubleshooted with Customer care to find out the cause. Are you able to change other settings?

2, They are.

3, Automatic exclusions are hard-coded and were created according to Microsoft's recommendations for particular Windows server products.

4, No, this is not possible.

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