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Potential scam/fake web stores

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Here's an article showcasing a lot of fraudulent web stores. I have not checked them all, so don't know how many are active or not. 

I urge @Marcosto send these to the malware analysts ASAP so that they can analyze and decide which sites need to be blocked before users get scammed from these. 

chair6.net – What's the word for a large collection of fraudulent web stores?

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Looks like some of these are already shut down. Tried this one:


The shopping cart / checkout screens and payment forms on these sites feel reasonably well done and don't have any crazy red flags. They generally offer Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal payment methods.

Looking at one of the fake storefronts, https://www.3m-us.com:

  • Doing a Visa payment with a test card # (good ol' 4242 4242 4242 4242) redirects to ing.mpayts.com/gateway/authention/show3dstest/lan/en-us/ref/N1667359025690114 prompting for re-entry of a verification code rendered on the same page (oops, no padlock.. I guess they aren't "protected by 256-bit SSL technology" after all), which then redirects back to the storefront via https://www.loreencatalog.site/payment/return.php?code=mpayts&ordersn=66221102111704325. (I suspect they may not be processing payments, but are perhaps collecting credit card details on the backend?)


URL for the storefront doesn't resolve anymore.

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