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Website cert blocked question..


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Hi, I'm trying to access https://www.td.com  and nod32 (v16.0.22.0) is blocking my access to the site telling me the server's certificate has been marked as untrustworthy and connection is not safe.  I've read some of the forum messages and the KB6258 post which suggested to do a few actions.

My question is.. I've run the ssl test tool from ssllabs. It tells me that the revocation status of the domain is in not revoked status. So why is NOD32 blocking access to the site?  Besides adding the bank to the ssl scan exception list (which is not the preffered action. What's the right solution?  For some reason this isn't the first tie this bank's cert has been blocked.

Ps.. I've tried out the website on a test machine that does not have nod32 installed (just using MS defender) and I was able to access the questioned website.





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I'm having the same issue, I sent them an e-mail with a link to this forum question, however I do not expect them to move much faster than a slug. so maybe next month they'll try to fix it and probably crash their whole back office.

TD are an atrocious bank, the only reason I have anything to do with them at all is because CIBC were ordered to divest some of their Aeroplan visa accounts by the Canadian bank regulator about 15 years ago I ended up with my visa card being one of those sent to TD.  They are the worst bank in Canada, avoid them if you have alternatives.


Job opportunity for a good IT systems manager.


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