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ESET Protect 9.x / offline repository / create installer issue

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I've got ESET Protect in online and offline environment since I have isolated network without Internet connection. Since upgrading to ESET Protect 9 I'm having problems with creating offline installers.

I have offline repository created successfully with the newest version of MirrorTool (v1.0.1418.0) with the following command:

MirrorTool.exe --repositoryServer AUTOSELECT --intermediateRepositoryDirectory C:\ESET\Intermediary --outputRepositoryDirectory C:\ESET\Repository --filterFilePath C:\ESET\MIRROR\filter.txt

I have also edited httpd.conf accordingly to documentation. 

Listen 3128 80

ServerRoot "C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy 2.4.54"
DocumentRoot "C:\ESET\Repository"
<Directory "C:\ESET\Repository">
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None
Require all granted
CacheRoot "C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy 2.4.54\cache"

However, when in EP I clikc Installers->Create Installer I can't select any version of product. Just like in the attached screenshot. At first - I could see them for the moment, but then they disappeared. Restart doesn't change anything.

I have searched for solution in the Internet, but couldn't find anything useful. Maybe someone of you could give me a hand and help me with getting this to work. Previously, with ESMC I haven't had any problems. Moreover - I've made clean install of ESET Protect on test server and the issue is the same. There must be something in the newest ESET Protect which I am missing.




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I'm afraid that this cannot be answered without trying it so please open a support ticket for assistance with troubleshooting the issue.

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