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  1. Hello everyone! In our environment we have network isolated from the Internet and we have been creating offline installers repository using Mirror Tool and Apache Proxy. Everything was working fine until I have upgraded to version 10. Now when Apache was replaced with ESET Bridge, my offline installers repository doesn't work anymore (updates however are working ok). Are there any necessary configuration steps I need to perform to get it back to work? Or the only solution would be to uninstall Bridge and reinstall deprecated Apache Proxy? According to KB7805 the recommended config is still with Apache Proxy, no word about bridge. I'd be grateful for suggestions. Best Regards, Piotr
  2. Hello! I've got ESET Protect in online and offline environment since I have isolated network without Internet connection. Since upgrading to ESET Protect 9 I'm having problems with creating offline installers. I have offline repository created successfully with the newest version of MirrorTool (v1.0.1418.0) with the following command: MirrorTool.exe --repositoryServer AUTOSELECT --intermediateRepositoryDirectory C:\ESET\Intermediary --outputRepositoryDirectory C:\ESET\Repository --filterFilePath C:\ESET\MIRROR\filter.txt I have also edited httpd.conf accordingly to documentation. Listen 3128 80 ServerRoot "C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy 2.4.54" DocumentRoot "C:\ESET\Repository" <Directory "C:\ESET\Repository"> Options Indexes FollowSymLinks AllowOverride None Require all granted </Directory> CacheRoot "C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy 2.4.54\cache" However, when in EP I clikc Installers->Create Installer I can't select any version of product. Just like in the attached screenshot. At first - I could see them for the moment, but then they disappeared. Restart doesn't change anything. I have searched for solution in the Internet, but couldn't find anything useful. Maybe someone of you could give me a hand and help me with getting this to work. Previously, with ESMC I haven't had any problems. Moreover - I've made clean install of ESET Protect on test server and the issue is the same. There must be something in the newest ESET Protect which I am missing. Regards, Piotr
  3. Thank you Martin for your answer. According to your words, it seems that I have made everything right and this is normal behavior in offline environment. Good to know I only hope, that when I'll renew license next year, I'll be able to activate my clients with new license from offline ESMC. I think yes, since I've made a test by creating activation task on offline ESMC and pointing to clients and they have reported successful activation in logs. Best, Peter
  4. Hello, I'm planning upgrade (finally) from ERA5 to ESMC in offline network (without Internet access). To practice, I've setup little lab environment. Everything seems to be working fine, my test clients had activated and are updating, but in ESMC License Manager I can't see that my licenses number is reduced. (see the attached screenshot for details). Here is what I did: I've configured ESMC in offline network (with mirror repository and detection engine updates). Then, in ELA, I've exported licenses for client products using token generated by ESMC, and then I've imported them into offline ESMC. Using ESMC I've created all-in-one installer, including license and pushed them to test clients (one server, one workstation for this scenario). Everything went fine and smooth, both clients had activated and connected to ESMC. They seem to be working fine, they download updates and report properly to server, but in the ESMC I can't see any change in License Manager. Is it normal behavior? Or maybe I've misconfigured something? As far as I can tell, the clients are working properly and for this (lab) scenario it is not an issue, however, in my production environment I've got many desktops and servers, and tracking utilized licenses number is one of my duties. Of course, I can always check the number of connected clients to ESMC, but I'd prefer to see it in License Manager, as it is in my other network with online Internet connection. I look forward to some information, Best regardss, Peter
  5. Hi @esined sorry for late answer. I've used the .exe file. In package manager in RA you have to create new custom package (separate for x86 and x64 architecture) and then deploy it through Windows Push - Custom Package. You'll need to provide administrative credentials.
  6. That's good point. Anyway I can confirm positive upgrade from 2265 to 2272 through ERAv5 with Custom Package. Clients upgrade is in progress
  7. I also don't know how to do this - package manager in ERA5 doesn't recognize this fix as ESET installation file. EDIT : my mistake - in Package Manager you have to pick "Custom package" instead of "ESET security products for Windows".
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