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SSL certificate issues // Sandboxie


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Sandboxie-Plus 1.2.0 introduced new feature: "Use a Sandboxie login instead of an anonymous token". However, enabling it prevents HTTPS websites loading.

Further explanations how "Use a Sandboxie login instead of an anonymous token" works:

Sandboxie developer DavidXanatos asked to create a thread there asking ESET developers to look at the issue. He suggested that there might be an old workaround applied on your security software for the old Sandboxie versions:

Original issue posted on the open-source Sandboxie repository:


Requirements to reproduce the issue:
- Operating system: Windows 11 22H2 // Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 x64 (21H2) (10.0.19044.1806)
- Sandboxie Plus 1.4.2 // 1.2.0 x64
- ESET Endpoint Security 9.1.2060.0 // Eset Internet Security x64
- Firefox 102.4.0esr x64 // Microsoft Edge 106.0.1370.52 x64

Firefox shows PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR, Microsoft Edge ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error


Steps to reproduce:

1) Install Firefox, Edge, Sandboxie 1.2.0 or newer, ESET and make sure SSL scanning is enabled.

Firefox download: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/enterprise/#download
Microsoft Edge download: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge/business/download?form=MA13FJ
Sandboxie download: https://github.com/sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie/releases/

2) Run Edge/Firefox in any sandbox and visit any HTTPS webpage to confirm it will load correctly
3) Close all sandboxed apps
4) Run Sandman -> Options -> Global settings -> Advanced config -> Enable 'Use a Sandboxie login instead of an anonymous token'
5) Run Edge/Firefox in any sandbox and visit any HTTPS webpage to confirm it will NOT load correctly



Due to this incompatibility issue, since Sandboxie versions 1.2.7 the "Use a Sandboxie login instead of an anonymous token" is disabled by default.


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I was unable to make it work with or without the above mentioned setting enabled and ESET registered or unregistered as a Windows Filtering Platform filter. All I was seeing were some crashes upon launching Firefox:

PID 10624: SBIE2336 Error in GUI server:  [55 / C0000155]
PID 10624: SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process WerFault.exe [88 / 0]

I recommend that the developers of Sandboxie open a support ticket and get in touch with ESET developers for further collaboration on a resolution.

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It is not very unusual to have issues with latest version of web browsers running in sandbox. That is one of the reasons why I mentioned Firefox ESR and sandboxie 1.4.2 (currently next to last SBIE version)

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