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Eset Secure Authentication wiith VPN client

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Hello all,

Recently we implemented ESA with our Fortigate VPN client. 

-> Users are able to make a VPN connection with their domain user credentials. They get a ESA notification, on their smartphone, that they need to accept. (Our 2FA)

We've noticed that some users get this popup twice after only giving in the credentials once, when they click "approve" on both, they get 7200 credential error. 

We also noticed that if the phone has no active internet connection, the notification don't arrive at all, and the OTP code generated in the ESA app can't be filled in anywhere. When the phone is then connected to internet, it receives all the previous push notifications at once.

I wanted to ask if anyone have encountered similar issues? 

Any help/reaction will help.

Thanks in advance!

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Trustrenaud,

looking at the issue which you are describing above it seems to me that there may be an sync issue in the core what I would recommend is opening up a Support Ticket so the local team can help you out with the issue.

Hope I have helped a bit.



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