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Deployment a pain... suggestion

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I've tried many, many ways to deploy. I always end up in a deadend alley.

Console doesnt install the agent via web ESMC (only 10% 15%) at max

i've tried GPO (there is multiple ways to do it) computers locally need elevanted permissons, so i have to make a .bat with a lsrunass command inside to elevate permissions, but then UAC on computers ask for admin passwords anyways.


So.......I'll have to do it manually +300 PC


Mi suggestion is to let us go back in this window, to not configure it all again..

you may ask, why I no add all the ip's at once? because all the PC starts at the same time, and most likely all to fail.. when I install, 2-3 PC there is no problem


Thanks in advice

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Honestly, I don't recollect seeing issues with agent deployment via GPO. I'd recommend opening a support ticket for help with troubleshooting. Did you try deploying the agent using the ESET Remote Deployment tool (https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/91/en-US/deployment_tool.html) ?

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