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Incorrect logged user

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Do you mean the notification "Malicious file detected (trojan / worm / virus / application)" ?

If so, what version of ESET PROTECT do you use?

On your system the term "threat" is used, however, this changed to "detection" quite a long time ago and the current template looks like as follows:

Detection type: ${detection_type}
Detection name: ${detection_name}
Computer name: ${computer_name}
Computer static group hierarchy: ${computer_sg_hierarchy}
Logged user: ${user}
Time of occurrence: ${timestamp}
Scanner: ${scanner}
Action performed: ${action_performed}

Please copy and paste your template.

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Eset endpoint version is 9.0.2046.0

problem is only with incorrect logged user, please see in photo i pasted above 

Logged user: D:\   its USB drive.

And my question is why its showing USB drive in logged user instead of user name who logged in on the system. 


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I don't know for sure if it would resolve the issue, hence I've asked you to try to upgrade Endpoint to the latest v9.1.2057 and see.

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