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  1. proxy.rar please check this, compared with the installer configuration no any change found.
  2. using Apache HTTP Proxy provided with ESET PROTECT, linux VM on windows server
  3. other pc's are connected directly to the internet and they are working fine, problem is with servers (file security) we cannot allow internet on servers so they should get update through proxy which is not working.. can you tell us how can we troubleshoot proxy issue
  4. No any change performed in network and ESET policy settings, all configuration is same as before, can you please tell us how can we fix this? as you know engine is too old now, we are at risk.
  5. Dear, still getting the same error problem is why its unable to connect to the server proxy settings are correct, ip/ports are allowed, what could be the issue?
  6. ESET server have internet connection, have restarted the ekrn. exe services of client, but still same alerts. what is the solution now?
  7. Dear Marcos, all mention ip/ports are allowed at Firewall, systems are not accessible liveGrid server through proxy, while i have checked all proxy settings are correct,
  8. Hello, I am unable to login through the web console after upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1. when i push upgrade through web console its not yet back. SEVERE: [] Connection closing because of ERA server communication error: Connection refused Oct 04 14:41:51 server[44623]: Oct 04, 2021 2:41:51 PM sk.eset.era.g2webconsole.server.modules.logger.EventLogItem logInto. I have checked ERA server services but not found, Apache tomcat and Sqldb are running.. please provide solution
  9. does this method remove all computers i mean where agent is already installed, and we have to install agent and endpoint again on desired computers?
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