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ESET Inspect is integration with Mitre Attack, can able use External rules Yara and Sigma ?

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Hello everyone

EEI/EI is one of great product, iam use yearly to help me and my team to know issue of malware and similiar yet.

i try to know this product step by step, and my question can EEI integration with Mitre ATT&CK and use external rules like Yara and Sigma rules.

because on base knowledge i am not find this topic, one of i find create rules with base .xml : https://help.eset.com/tools/ei/ei_rules_guide_1.7.pdf

i think its good for eei can use external rules to improve existing database rule list and detection

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No, you must create ESET Inspect rules to detect particular behavior. They are very different to Yara rules since they are based on ESET's features provided by ESET security products.

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