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Updating Operating System / Debian 10 with ESET Protect Server 9.0.2141.0

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Hello ESET,

I was wondering what the proper way to keep the HOST OS updated on Debian whilst running ESET Protect on Linux?

I'm afraid that if I do an apt update / apt full-upgrade it will update MySQL/ODBC, Tomcat9, OpenJDK11, and some specific dependency or version required for ESET Protect will be horked, and it'll break.

The ESET Appliance which runs on CentOS7 has an update OS feature, but I've noticed on the Debian installs it never reminds the user about OS updates.

Are there any tech articles with guidance on updating your Linux ESET Protect server?

Or should I just apt-mark hold specific ESET dependencies on Linux and go from there?


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I updated ESET Protect to 9.1.2301.0, and then I was able to see the Outdated components function in ESET.

Also since the ODBC drivers were manually installed and mysql was configured through mysql-apt-config apt upgrade didn't blast them. 


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