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ESET Endpoint is blocking ngrok URL


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At work I use django server on my Windows laptop to serve localhost at port 8000.

Today I tried ngrok to serve my localhost url to a dynamically generated ngrok URL for my tester to test some parts of the application on my laptop's localhost instead of waiting to deploy to the test server to avoid changing code and re-deploying to the test server.

But quite often the URL gets blocked by ESET,

Is there a way for ESET to identify a URL tunnel by ngrok ?

(I am not a sys-admin)

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From where do I have to get this from ? Is this log on my laptop's drive or do I have to ask my sys-admins to get this log ?

I don't think the sys-admins are manually blocking URLs because the ngrok URL was working for the tester when it was blocked for me.

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