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Licence count exceeded but actual number of managed clients below count

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We use the Protect VA to manage our end point clients. We are licenced for 40 units but only 37 computers (including the VA) are registered with the VA.  Our used licence count however is at 45.

I understand that it like likely that some previous installations have not been deactivated properly.  I've (just) added the licence to the Business Account portal but the Activated Device list is empty.  Do I need to wait for the list to populate? If so how long will this take?  Should I be doing something else?

Thank you.

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What EBA shows is important, ESET PROTECT only syncs with EBA. You can enforce a sync in ESET PROTECT here:



Have you tried removing the license(s) in ESET PROTECT and adding them via an EBA account again?

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Thanks for the reply Marcos.  Unfortunately I'd already tried the steps you outlined and this didn't work.

However, I managed to resolve this once I gave the EBA time to update (after adding the licence to it).  Around 30 minutes after adding the licence, the count reset to 0/40 used.  Another 30 or so minutes later, the devices started to show up.  I could see that many devices were double activated with two versions of the endpoint security, 6.5 and 8/9.  I believe this is due to the forced, manual uninstalls that had to be performed back in 6.5 when a certificate problem occurred and affected certain builds.

After deactivating all the clients with double activations in the EBA, then reactivating them via the Protect appliance, the numbers now marry up and are back where they should be and within the licence limit.

Moral of the story is: give it an hour after adding a licence to the EBA and everything makes more sense.

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