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How to disable Active Directory sync?

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Hello everybody, 

I just installed the newest ESET Endpoint Security and saw that it imported all devices from our Active Directory. I got a few newbie questions and I hope somebody can help me:

- Is it enough to delete the server-task for synchronisation to get rid of the AD importing?

- How can I get rid of all imported devices so I can still use them later?

- Where or how can I set that ESET looks for devices using IP ranges or the Windows network itself?


I am sorry, I already read the manuals but there was written that I can disable the Active Directory synchronisation while installing but that was clearly not possible! 

Thanks at all :)


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Do you mean the Static group synchronization task in the ESET PROTECT console?


If so, it's not run automatically. If you don't use static groups and didn't use an all-in-one installer with the parent static group set, computers connecting to ESET PROTECT will appear in the Lost and found group.

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Hello Marcos, 

thanks for your reply. Are you sure it doesn't run automatically? After I installed ESET on the server, it already imported all devices from Active Directory (problem is, there are still old devices that shouldn't be imported and I also want a different structure in ESET). 

I just read the rogue sensor should work for me, as it just adds devices that are found on the network. And I am able to set the networks I want to be used for searching.

How can I remove the already imported devices without any danger? Can I just mark them completely and remove them or do I have to use a "special procedure" for it (other solutions are pretty "picky" with that and if you do it wrong, the devices will not show up anymore)?


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