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Restricting Client Access To A Management Server


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We have ESET NOD32 4.x and 5.x clients accessing ESET 5 central management server. Until now the server hasn't required the clients to authenticate, so any NOD32 client was able to access it.


Now I have to restrict client access to the server and allow it only for specific computers. How can I do it? I've found a setting in the Policy Manager console:


Remote Administrator -> ERA Server -> Settings -> Security -> Enable unauthenticated access for Clients


However, I can't find a place where authentication settings (i.e. login and password or allowed workstation names) are configured. In addition, I'm not sure where to enter those settings on workstations. In general, if it's possible, I'd prefer to allow access basing on workstation names, not on a login/password basis.

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Setting password for clients to connect to ERAS: In ERA Console -> Tools -> Server Options -> Security tab -> Password for clients

also uncheck 'Enable unauthenticated access for clients'


But first you should set this password on clients, manually

advanced setup -> Tools-> remote administration


or using ERAS policies.

You should create new static group and add allowed clients to it.

Then create new empty child policy below your main policy.and set RA access parameters there

Then add new policy rule, edit filter 'ERA groups in (your new group)' and move this rule to top.

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Thanks. I somehow thought that this password protects access to NOD client settings on PCs.


This solution works. The issue is solved.

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