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Strange error with Reports

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ERA Protect server 9.0.1144 on Windows 2016 with SQL server 2014 Express 12.0.6433, ERA.war 9.0.138 on Tomcat 9.0.63/Microsoft JDK 17.0.3, all on the same server. This setup works flawlessly for several months; but today I got strange failures.

When looking at many reports (not all), through dashboard or directly under Reports/, I got an alert "Failed to load data; 500 The call failed on the server: see server log for details." With the dashboard, I got as many alerts as there are report widgets, so I guess it is report-related.

I do not know which "server log" I should look at; I searched ERAserver, Tomcat, SQLserver and did not get anything which might correlate the problem.

However, I got another error (which is probably related) when I try to edit the report definition (slightly edited at the URL):

*version :*
*locale : en_US*
*user.agent : Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/101.0.4951.67 Safari/537.36 (safari)*
*document : https://XXX[edited]XXX/era/webconsole/184D1BF85E74D609DBF00589DCF2E826.cache.html*
*url: https://XXX[edited]XXX/era/webconsole/#id=REPORTS:id=EDIT_REPORT_TEMPLATE;rtu=977b9fb8-fad7-4584-8b37-c491675d6613;p=6*
*error: *
An uncaught exception has occurred! (com.google.gwt.core.client.JavaScriptException: (TypeError) : Cannot read properties of null (reading 'f'))
@Unknown.f8n(Unknown Source:80)@
@Unknown._zg(Unknown Source:1211)@
@Unknown.PAg(Unknown Source:1093)@
@Unknown.G4n(Unknown Source:137)@
@Unknown.$zg(Unknown Source:1084)@
@Unknown.Szg(Unknown Source:857)@
@Unknown.tAg(Unknown Source:1971)@
@Unknown.bBg(Unknown Source:1857)@
@Unknown.Gzg(Unknown Source:747)@
@Unknown.uzg(Unknown Source:1849)@
@Unknown._el(Unknown Source:293)@
@Unknown.mSe(Unknown Source:564)@
@Unknown.pSe(Unknown Source:541)@
@Unknown.ARe(Unknown Source:343)@
@Unknown.dSe(Unknown Source:357)@
@Unknown.cSe(Unknown Source:355)@
@Unknown.lSe(Unknown Source:382)@
@Unknown.KSj(Unknown Source:831)@
@Unknown.In(Unknown Source:582)@
@Unknown.Nn(Unknown Source:276)@
@Unknown.jo(Unknown Source:309)@
@Unknown.mo(Unknown Source:361)@
@Unknown.anonymous(Unknown Source:78)@
@Unknown.Ao(Unknown Source:173)@
@Unknown.Zo(Unknown Source:60)@
@Unknown.anonymous(Unknown Source:85)@
@Unknown.jo(Unknown Source:309)@
@Unknown.mo(Unknown Source:361)@
@Unknown.anonymous(Unknown Source:78)@

Javascript cause: <br/>@TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading &#39;f&#39;)@ 


By the way, that one is with Chrome; but I got the same failure with almost the same message on Firefox 91.9.1; just Firefox adds a TypeError exception is raised since "this.H.c.G is null"

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Please open a support ticket. It's likely that a HAR log from the browser will be needed for troubleshooting.

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