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Whole domain portfolio is being blocked

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Ladies and Gents,

Our whole domain portfolio is being blocked by ESET (98% roughly). We are talking about 400+ domains here. Those domains were never used before, aged domains (5+, 10+, 15+ yrs old). They never had active websites. They are all parked at Dan.com. Only a few of them are parked at various registrars.

I went through the previous messages and read majority of the posts in the same nature. I'm going to send an email as suggested by the mods in here:

My question is how I can structure this email? (unless I'm required to send 400+ emails)

- What should I say in the subject line?
- Should I list the whole domains in the email body OR should I just attach an excel file listing the domains?

Please advise... thanks.


the domains are showing the same warning as seen in the attached screenshot.

ESET Smart Security Premium.png

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It's unblocked at the time being, however, if we come across highly suspicious parked domains that might be used for scam or other malicious purposes, we may block them in the future.

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