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Problem with Phantom Account

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Guest Magnified

I have the Phantom Accounts activated on all my computers.  One of them regularly triggers a warning e-mail saying that the phantom account was used to log on to the laptop (and asking if we want to report the computer stolen and start monitoring its usage for clues as to its whereabouts).  This is not during business hours, and we have verified several times that no one is present in the store.  Can the phantom account be used by someone to log in remotely? 

If so, how can we prevent this?

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Guest Guest Magnified

So no one knows anything about this, or is it too complicated for the Guest area and needs to be reposted to the registered user space?

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This forum section is for basic product questions only.

Re post your question in the appropriate forum section based on what Eset product you have installed.

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It shouldn't be possible to log in to the phantom account remotely unless you loose policy restrictions:


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Guest Guest Magnified

Thanks Itman & Marcos that really gave me what I needed.

Thanks for the great product and the support!


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