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Eset Smart Security Premium

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9th April 2022

Eset Smart Security Premium - Win 10 Pro, 64 bit

Forgive me if this is in the incorrect section, or has been mentioned before but ... 

Under Computer Protection , Eset LiveGuard and Proactive Protection are flagged up as Non Functional (buttons in red).

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This will be fixed automatically next week. Did you upgrade to v15.1 more than a week ago?

In order to get it fixed yourself immediately, there are several options:
1, Change the product to a different one and than back to ESET Smart Security Premium in the product's gui.
2, Uninstall ESET and install it from scratch.
3, Deactivate ESET on the machine via ESET HOME (https://home.eset.com) and re-activate it.

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