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Network computers disappear after a while

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Guest Martin

Hi there

I have a strange issue. I can see all my network computers (Windows 10) when I reboot them but after a period of time they disappear from File Manager. I have done all the recommended fixes bar enabling SMB1.0 as that is a risk.

When I reboot the computers they again appear for a while.

Has anyone else experienced this before please? It only started after starting to use ESET.

Many thanks for any suggestions.



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Guest Martin

Hi Marcos


No disabling the firewall doesn't seem to make any difference.


Hi itman all the machines are running Internet Security. The machines that don't show up appear in the network discovery within ESET so perhaps this might be a Windows issue - it's strange how they show up and then disappear though I've not worked on a network for some time so am puzzled. 


Thanks for the replies.

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Eset introduced Brute Force logon protection in ver. 15.1.12. What I suspect is there might be a possible bug in SMB processing in this regard.


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