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One client cannot communicate with Protect Cloud

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I have a strange issue. I successfully installed Eset Endpoint Security in 13 clients (some of them are located in my head quarter, others remotely in the house of my co-workers), In one of these (it is remotely located), it cannot communicate with protect cloud: it could not get the policy and get an error that says that it's not possible to communicate with Live Grid. The only way to fix it, for now, has been to establish a VPN tunnel with my headquarter. The router that is located in remote location, has no firewall rules that blocks outgoing traffic.

The error that it was shown suggested to see https://support.eset.com/it/kb332-porte-e-indirizzi-richieste-per-usare-i-prodotti-eset-con-un-firewall-di-terze-parti#esetlivegrid. This article suggests to open 8883 and 53535 ports, but in my headquarter's firewall I didn't open these ports... (Endpoints Security uses also 443 port?).

What could be the reason of this behavior?



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