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ESET Protect - Triggers

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ESET Protect : 9.0.1144.0

I'm trying to see if there a way to setup triggers after 2nd Tuesday on selected day of the week automatically for each month? For example I want to setup a trigger to occur on Wednesday night after the 2nd Tuesday, then setup another trigger to occur Thursdays and so on after the 2nd Tuesday.

From what I can see is that I only have the options for monthly triggers is to occur "1st(-5th) occurrence of the selected weekday(s) in a month". If I select start Wednesday night and select 2nd occurrence Tuesday of the month, will that repeat every month automatically? If that doesn't work, is there a way to setup what I want automatically for every month according to the example I provided above?

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Just following up on this, I may just throw this in as a feature request since I'm unable to figure out how to setup the trigger in detail.

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Have you tried CRON triggers like these?

0 0 0 ? * 3#2 *

0 0 0 ? * 5#2 *

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