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what is livegrid error 23?

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2/28/2022 2:22:50 PM;ESET Kernel;Send query to ESET failed with error 23;SYSTEM

also getting codes 9 and 11

these come and go not sure if its because of disruptions over in Europe or something on my end that's why i wish these error code numbers had a page of meanings or something to give people an idea if its something to report or not.

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i checked the service and it is running i don't think the problem is withe kernel but with maybe an intermitted network fault this is a screen shot of the events log level diagnostics in the settings eset is not reporting a problem on the main screen.image.thumb.png.826cf9d13b75dd538a449020b086ec43.png

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Glad you posted the Events log screen shot since your original posting didn't make sense to me.

It appears you have set Eset's "Minimum logging verbosity" level to Diagnostic. This is not recommended unless instructed by Eset personnel. This level will rapidly populate the Events log. The default Minimum logging verbosity level is Informative.

When Eset has Internet connectivity issues, it will display a text alert to that effect indicating the component having such issue. Unless you are receiving such alerts, you should ignore anything diagnostic-wise in the Events log and set logging back to its default level.

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ok thanks the lack of an alert by ESET is why i wasn't to worried just wandering what it was saying thank you.

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