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    edwardnv gave kudos to peteyt in Scheduled Scans   
    As mentioned in this topic bellow 
    I'd like to suggest having a page that shows a list of all modules and their version numbers, dates etc. for both Stable and Pre-Release updates.
    The idea is simple - if someone thinks their product might not be updating, they can check the list, and see if their modules match. I've seen some people question that some modules haven't updated in a while, and have worried they have a problem. This would reduce posts about this, and mean people can possibly identify update issues.
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    edwardnv received kudos from New_Style_xd in what is livegrid error 23?   
    i checked the service and it is running i don't think the problem is withe kernel but with maybe an intermitted network fault this is a screen shot of the events log level diagnostics in the settings eset is not reporting a problem on the main screen.
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    edwardnv gave kudos to peteyt in Module updates   
    This is why I think having somewhere with the module version numbers could be handy - as sometimes people think theirs are out of date and not updating properly because someone's is higher as they are using pre-release updates
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    edwardnv gave kudos to peteyt in Module updates   
    To avoid things like this coming up again and again would it be possible to have a webpage which would show all the current modules for normal and pre release @Marcos
    This would also allow people to know if they had an issue
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