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Download speeds limited

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Whenever I try and install any games, whether from epic games, steam, or riot, the internet speed seems to drop astronomically. I pay for 1gbps, and I used to get 1gbps before installing eset. After installing, my downloads such as on steam, instead of taking the first said 10 minutes, ended up taking 2 hours. This is because the internet speed went up, and then drops down to zero. This stays at zero for quite a while, and goes up only barley. I have already checked with my internet provider, even on different computers without eset internet security. Those computers download at the expected 1gbps or 100mbps. On riot launcher, the download seems to be limited to .1kbps, because it will start jumping up to 5mbps or maybe even 10mbps and then immediately drops down to .1kbps again. 

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