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Unable to use tags in Dynamic Group templates?

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I am trying to build a Dynamic Group which will be used to target a specific group of systems which I have to manually pick. Since tags are easy way to mark such devices I expected that we can use them as expression in the Dynamic Group template builder, however this doesn't seem to be possible. 

Is this an intentional restriction? Are there any plans to add them in future releases? Am I missing something?

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Hello @Ufoto

Tags are currently not available to be used in "dynamic group templates" as those are used for "agent side automation" and meaning the particular data, needs to exist on the "agent side". Tags are applied on server, agent is not aware of their existence. 

If you want to do it for quicker filtering, you can easily create "filter preset" that will filter out only machines with particular tags. And over the selection, you can then execute tasks, however with the issue, that those won´t happen automatically. 

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