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Servers not showing product outdated alert

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I believe I have everything set correctly to send statuses to EP Console. For example, servers are flagged yellow when Windows Updates are needed.

However, for some reason they do not flag yellow when an ESET product is outdated like all other clients do. What setting am I missing?


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  • ESET Staff

Hello @j-gray

You are mistaken. Computer status is not changed when a newer version is updated (with the exception of endpoints that are using "auto-update via uPCU") and the update is already ready to be installed. In this case, it triggers to "yellow".

I would recommend to use the dashboard element, when you can easily see how many of your clients are outdated and how many are not, and drill down to the details.

I mean this one: 


version status.jpg

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  • 2 months later...

Recently migrated from EP 8.x to 9.x and this has been causing a lot of headaches. In 7.x and 8.x these were considered and shown alerts for statuses. After moving to 9.x, they are not.

The dashboard element mentioned and shown does not appear to exist. Closest is a pie chart that is collectively for any and all ESET products, and is generally not helpful in any meaningful way beyond an indicator that "there is one or more things outdated".

The other list based dashboard elements aren't very helpful either, they only give client counts for an individual specific product and version. The workflow to go from the dashboard/report to an outdated client is tedious to the point of uselessness. There are dozens of separate report lists to go through, most which only a single client machine.

It has literally faster and less work to manually walk over each individual client machine to troubleshoot update failures from the inventory instead of dealing with the annoyances of using countless randomly sorted reports.

It seems very counter-intuitive that "Everything is OK" while installed versions are red or even unsupported.

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