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Armory Crate Threat False Positive?


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I need some help. I have an Asus motherboard and I use Armory Crate software (from ASUS). As Armory Crate was updating  a message popped up by Eset saying ''Threat removed, A Threat (Win32/GenKryptik_AGen.BM) was found in a file that MB_Home tried to access, The file has been deleted.'' Is this a false positive? Eset thinks that this is a Trojan. The MB_Home is an ASUS file used by Armory Crate Lite Service. To make sure it was actually Armory Crate I uninstalled and installed Armory Crate from scratch and the same pop up message appeared as Armory Crate was updating. I have also carried out a full scan and it came out clean with no detections found. It seems to me that is a false positive. What should I do? Im a bit worried. Thank you for your help

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