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Stop client task in PROTECT?

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I have found a couple of other threads but they were incomplete. Is it possible to stop a client task before it runs (in the planned state) and after it has started to run?

One scenario is if a client task has been scheduled and the client system is offline, it is added as a planned task but has not been sent to the agent yet. I want the ability to cancel this task so that when the system comes online it is not sent to the agent. 

I have some client tasks that have been "running" for over a month now and they never complete so I would like to stop them, is this possible?


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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately it is not possible as of now. But you have mentioned two different states:

  • Task is running for too long -> actually task should be timouted (as seen in console) after 24 hours, but this timeout information has to be delivered from client itself - is this client actually connecting? If client is not connection, in console there will be information of last status as reported by client, and only possibility how to clean this state is to remove trigger or task, but be aware that might remove also data for other clients, in case it was shared between multiple devices.
  • Also note that task and trigger configuration (configuration of when should be task executed) is delivered to clients upon its next connection, and it residues on client - so even of device is offline in terms of network connectivity at the moment of planned task execution, it will be actually executed -> this is by design. concept of management as implemented by ESET PROTECT counts with offline/roaming devices, and thus automation logic can operate without connectivity to ESET PROTECT. This also means, that in case such client already received this task, it cannot be removed in case connectivity is not available.


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