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JS/Agent.PIV affected my website ceramicsineurope.eu


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Dear Eset members,

Hope you all are doing great. JS/Agent.PIV this virus has been injected in my website, Eset is detecting this virus whenever I'm trying to access my website.

I'm trying to understand where exactly this virus has infiltrated my website.

My website https://www.ceramicsineurope.eu is in wordpress, any help or guidance from anyone would be helpful.

image002 (1).png

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Thanks for your answer.
But could you please direct me that where can I find this?
and also which type of malicious JavaScript it can be? Redirecting or cookies spoof or something else?

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You should check all html and js files on your website. Besides removing the threat, you should also harden the website to prevent future exploitation of possible vulnerabilities. If you can't do it yourself, you can contact a website cleaning and monitoring service to do it for you.

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