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How to generate a CSR?

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We'd like to install an SSL certificate for EEI that is signed by our CA. However, I'm not finding any documentation on how to generate a CSR.

Is this possible or supported? Or are we stuck with the ERA CA?

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No, you can use your own CA for everything if you want. Though it can be a bit challenging to find out how ;). If you're not really familiar with the wonderful world of PKI i'd recommend taking a look at easy-rsa:


Two gotcha's you might want to consider:

1. Import the CA certificate into ESET PROTECT ( / ESET Security Management Center)

2. When generating certificates, make sure agent certificates have the word "agent" in the CN, and server certificates have the word "server" in the CN.

Also, check out this help page: https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/latest/en-US/custom_certificates.html

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