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Can't complete my Anti-Theft setup on my computer in Internet Security

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I have the following problem,

I tried to activate my Anti-Theft on this system, it lets me log-in, but to conplete setup i can only choose to finish setup on myEset account online, but there the website does not give me any setup options, other than telling me i have to complete the setup in the application, but as soon as i click Anti-Theft i return to the same webpage!

I have the latest updates of Eset!

How do i setup Anti-Theft?

I use a Windows 10 computer.

eset problem 1.png

eset problem 2.png

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If you click myESET / ESET HOME, do you see the device associated with your my.eset.com / ESET HOME account?


If not, click Connect to my.eset.com / ESET HOME. If you don't have an account created, create one first.

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