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ESET Server Security 8.0.12003.0 egui.exe process freezing

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I have three Windows 2008 R2 Servers running with ESET Server Security 8.0.12003.0 and all three of them got the same problem:

After I logon to the Server, no ESET GUI/Tray Icon is showing up. After manually starting egui.exe the GUI works fine. If I logout from the Windows Server I get a black screen. I can log back in to the Server with no problem, but again there is no ESET GUI/Tray Icon and I need to start it manually.

After each manual egui.exe start, I see one more egui.exe process running in the Task Manager and I am unable to kill it (access denied). So my Servers are filling up with ghost egui.exe processes eating memory.

If I logon to the Server without starting egui.exe I don't see a black screen when logging out, so the black screen problem is also caused by the ESET GUI.

Is this a known issue? Any way to kill those processes without restarting the Server?



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It's not a known issue. Please raise a support ticket with your local ESET distributor since further logs and dumps will be needed for perusal.

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