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Do you have an automatic website scanner?

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One of the websites i manage has been hacked on several occasions now (javascript malware injection through a SQL database, that sits on the checkout page attempting to skim users CC details), and of our literally thousands of users, the only anti-malware solution that detects it whatsoever is ESET.

On the unix hosting server i have multiple malware scanners running - no detection, Magereport online scanner doesn't detect anything, nor does Securi. And the AV products i have tried myself: Windows Defender - nothing, Sophos -nothing, Trend - Nothing. But Eset picks it up every time!

So much so i now bought my own copy of Eset and have to manually scan all our websites once a day by opening them one by one in Chrome with Eset running. This is a pain! So i was wondering do you offer an automated solution for this? Where we pay you $x per month per site/url to continuously/regularly scan our websites for malware using your own tools/scan engine/web crawlers?


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We don't offer website scanning solutions. Web threats are typically detected only by web protection so you must click through the website or use a crawler to image the website at which point each downloaded file would be scanned by web access protection.

If you have a suspicion that your website is vulnerable, you can contact a website cleaning and monitoring service, such as sucuri.net.

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