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Guest Leo Barnando

Hi , I am very satisfied with the services and protection provided by ESET antivirus , very much happy with it . But in my daily work , I have to browse many websites and analysis many blogs etc. So , in that case , I am facing irritating ads all the time on different websites , as ESET antivirus don't provide any adblocking feature , I am facing a bit difficulties through my work . My question for the tech & forum team :

1. Is there any upcoming plan for releasing any kind of adblocking feature planned by ESET ?

2. if there isn't any kind of plan for it , I need a suggestion of an adblocker or an adblocking extension which will be safe for me and my privacy . 

Thanks and respect for the ESET forum team.

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1, There are no plans for ad blocker. However, ESET can block many ad-related sites or adware-related javascripts to protect you from getting a lot of ads.

2, You have already named it. Googling for "ad blocker" should yield relevant results.

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