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Endpoint Antivirus Ubuntu no icon

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Guest Emmett Brown


Until today I had Eset NOD32 on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS and it had an always visible icon next to the network icon in the upper right hand corner of screen. The icon changed colour if something was not right. I just installed Eset Endpoint Antivirus  after suggestion by Eset. Now there is no icon at all to see anywhere. I remember vaguely that I used to have a problem with the NOD32 icon not showing in the beginning but after some Google-fu got it working. So my question is: should there be a similar icon now or does the Endpoint Antivirus not have it by design?

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Guest Emmett Brown

Thanks for reply. I installed extension "AppIndicator and KstatusNotifierItem Support" and made icon size huge. Now I have a big Skype icon next to the network icon but still no Eset icon. Did you mean by "no longer supported" that it is no longer supported by Gnome or by Eset? Or both?

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It's no longer supported by ESET because using a tray icon is not recommended by Ubuntu developers.

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