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Difference between these two options?

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I have always wondered what the difference is between these 2 options. I thought that the modules update was basically the update task to update a product to a higher version but that is definitely the option below it so what does the "Modules update" really do then?



Thanks in advance!

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Since we are just starting with product updates for Endpoint v8 (before it was necessary to use a software install task to do that), it made sense to split the update option into two - module updates and program updates.

If you don't want to upgrade the product yet and want to enforce only module updates, choose that option. When there's a program update for your ESET security product available and you want to enforce it, choose the other option.

Note: Program updates from Endpoint v8.0 to Endpoint v8.1 are not yet available but will be soon (within 2 weeks probably).

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