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Server not showing up in ESET Protect properly

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Hi all,

I have an odd issue. The server that's running the ESET Protect server has file security installed with the management agent and the Rogue detection sensor.

This server shows up in the list of computers on the web console (assume due to AD sync) however it doesn't update the status. It doesn't show that it's connected or any ESET products installed on it.

I have tried uninstall/reinstall the file Security + Agent but it's the same.

OS: Windows 2012 r2

ESET PROTECT Version 8.0 (8.0.1258.0)

Logs wise, I have attached a screenshot of the status page.

Side note: The Rogue detection sensor, does this need to be installed on the server running active directory? Or can this live on the server where ESET Protect server is installed. The 2 servers can see each other just fine.

Many thanks


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Hi all,

Never mind, it's solved now.

I did a repair on the ESET management agent which didn't solve it.

I then uninstalled management agent, generated a new latest version installer, installed that on the server and it's now showing up in the web console.

Strange how it didn't work before after uninstall/reinstall but now it does. So unsure what fixed it.

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