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Eset Antivirus scan causing RAM cache bloat?

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Hello, when I do a full scan with the Eset Nod32 Antivirus, it slowly creeps up to 6GB of memory usage and caches it. Also tested on a fresh reboot with no cache in use and turned off other programs, and then I isolated it to scanning a game folder instead of the entire PC in case something else was triggering. It still caches on the single folder but only 2GB.

The task manager and resource manager doesn’t show Eset itself changing memory size nor does it show what is taking up the memory when you sort by largest/smallest, but it still only happens whenever Eset is scanning which is why I isolated it to that.

Is there any reason that it caches so much though? I have the latest Windows 10 update for this month and updated Nod32 as well

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