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2 threats found: Android/Agent.CIA and Android/TojanDownloader.Agent.KE after download and Installation ESET Mobile Security

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I have downloaded and installed ESET Mobile Security on an Android Smartphone first time.

Before ther was not any kind of internet-security app installed.

A First-Scan started automatically and finished with the short report, that 2 threads were found:

Android/Agent.CIA and Android/TojanDownloader.Agent.KE

Because I was unsettled I let remove both threads.

I cannot find one of both threads, neither on homepage from ESET-Security, nor by internet-research .

Are both threads known virus or trojaner?

Could they have done damage meanwhile, and if, what kind of?

How should I have reacted? Was it right, just to remove them?

Thanks, N.M..

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Hard to say what the malware does without a deeper analysis. TojanDownloader.Agent is self-explanatory; it downloads another piece of malware. And yes, deleting the malware is a correct way how to deal with threats on Android. Only in case the threat is found in a pre-installed application, you can only disable it.

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