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ESET Deployment to Mac Devices

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Support, can i have a tool from ESET that can be used to deploy ESET Endpoint Security to Mac Devices? 

We have lot of clients who would like to push to install eset all-in-one to their mac devices. 

We would need your suggestions so we can discuss with clients if eset has a tool for the remote deployment to mac devices?

If not, can you suggest one? 

Thank you.

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Hi Marcos,

It is possible to deploy ESET via Microsoft Intune MDM?

3 hours ago, Marcos said:

You can use an RMM or MDM solution for deployment, e.g. Jamf.


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30 minutes ago, Graham H said:

The link you provided is for deployment to Windows devices, are there details on deploying to macOS via Intune?

As I wrote, I have no hand-on experience with Intune. If somebody else has I'm sure they will post more information.

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