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  1. Support, can i have a tool from ESET that can be used to deploy ESET Endpoint Security to Mac Devices? We have lot of clients who would like to push to install eset all-in-one to their mac devices. We would need your suggestions so we can discuss with clients if eset has a tool for the remote deployment to mac devices? If not, can you suggest one? Thank you.
  2. @Marcos on the Network, we have installed ESET Enpoint Security on all PCs. So why are we not receiving any information on the Protect Console that ESET has detected worm on other Endpoints.?
  3. @Marcos we started the scan yesterday and ESET will detect the worm alright, delete and it will reappear.
  4. @Marcos We will send you the logs alright. But why is it that ESET detects, cleans it yet the DriveMgr.exe worm still exist on the Server. Why can't ESET Completely delete it.
  5. We have ESET File Security installed on windows server 2008R2 Enterprise with Business License. We installed all-in-one so it has agent and file security features with HIDS Ransomware and all other important modules enabled. Now the client detected a Trojan or say Virus called DriveMgr.exe in their shared folder. It has renamed the folders to '__' to we enabled hidden files and folders. We detected the worm. ESET Scan is able to detect the trojan alright and delete, but the Trojan still exist inside the folder. Find attached images and if anyone has seen this before should share how ESET was able to completely remove this. We are a selling partner and we need be able to get a reasonable reason as to why ESET can't mitigate this.
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