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XHR Upload Progress, HTTP/2 and Eset Antivirus

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I have switch to http/2 on my webserver and my site related with upload content, now i can see some problems when http/2 and eset https scanner enabled.

I have using XHR to send files and get progress of upload but after switching to http2 progress does not work anymore, It reaches too fast 100% when the real upload is not finished, sometimes it's just started.

When i switch back to HTTP/1.1 all working fine, but if i disable eset https scanner than all working fine. So what's the problem with eset and http/2? I saw on another forums that people also report same problems. When https scanner is active XHR does not work.

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Please open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor and provide logs gathered as follows:
- enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Details for tech support
- reproduce the issue
- disable logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector.

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