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3 Windows 10 Pro 64x computers. All on the same home network--comcast

In "View Network devices and printers" window,

One has the other two listed

One has one of the other 2 listed

One has neither of the other 2 listed

But none can access any of the others

On all computers, what comes up when I double click on another is a window that says:

"Open Folder

(name of the other computer) is not accessble/ You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Access is denied."

Or a window comes up that says

"Network error

Windows cannot access \\(name of the other computer)

You do not have permission to access \\(name of the other computer). Contact your network administrator to request access.

For more information about permissions see Windows Help and Support


all three have only one user--me, and I have admin rights on all 3 computers,

I've worked with Dell and MS to set everything correctly to allow permissions on all 3 computers. Nothing has worked.

Is there any way that Eset on the set to block or have Windows block access?

All 3 show up in "Connected Home" network as on the same network and as "detected."




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Does temporarily pausing ESET firewall make a difference? If so, did you choose Home/office network when the network was first detected? Asking since sharing is not allowed in the public network, only in home/office network (trusted).

Also please rename this topic name to something meaningful.

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Win 10 in regards to file share use is folder/directory permission based. Are you sure you set up these folder sharing parameters correctly on all your PC's:



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As far as Eset's Connected Network settings as noted, each device's network adapter connection Protection type must be "Home or Office" per the below screen shot:


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