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1 hafta önce bilgisayara trojan emotet bulaştı ve bende eseti indirdim eset buldu ve sildi ama emin olamadım ardından malwarebytes ile taradım o da buldu ve sildi sonrasında windows ile tam tarama yaptığımda birşey bulamadı temizlendiğine ikna oldum ve o gün bilgisiyardan kimlik bilgilerimi kulllanmam gerekti ve internette kullandım esetin tüm korumaları aktif bildirim ayarları dengelide ama hiç bildirim gelmedi 2 gün sonra Gridinsoft adlı program yükledim onla taradım o buldu ve sildi eset ve diğer programlar bulamazken bu gridinsoft nasıl buldu? kimlik bilgilerim çalınmış olabilirmi ? Esetin bildirim ayarlarını agresif mi dengelimi yoksa temkinlimi yapmalıyım?

Please İ need the help how can i trust him? Sorry about  bad translate

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Please post in English. This is an English language forum. I have translated your posting using Google Translate web site:


1 week ago I downloaded the computer with a trojan emotet and I downloaded eSet and deleted it, but I could not be sure, then I scanned it with malwarebytes, it found it and deleted it, and when I did a full scan with windows, I was convinced that it was cleaned and that day I had to use my credentials from the computer and used it on the internet. All protections active notification settings are balanced but no notification came. 2 days later I installed a program called Gridinsoft, I scanned it with it, found it and deleted it. How did gridinsoft find this while other programs couldn't find it? Could my credentials be stolen? Should I do the notification settings of Esetin aggressively balanced or cautious?

This is the second posting where Grindsoft "mysteriously" detected malware that other mainstream AV solutions did not. As such, I find Grindsoft's detection's suspicious.

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